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About Us

Since 1974, Metaline Graphics Ltd. have been supplying nameplates, labels, decals and graphic panels to leading product manufacturers as well as providing various types of signage to commercial, industrial and retail customers.


After over 45 years, Metaline Graphics Ltd. remains a family owned Canadian small business that is attentive and responsive to its customers needs.


Here at Metaline Graphics Ltd. we supply high performance, durable labels, decals, product identification plates, graphic panel overlays and signs in a wide variety of materials including Metalphoto® anodized aluminum, Lexan® (polycarbonate), engraving stock (lamicoid), vinyl, polyester, static cling, tamper-evident, magnetic, reflective and luminescent. Our products meet a wide range of commercial, government and military specs.


Our equipment and processes allow us to supply custom contour-cut shapes with no costly dies, making us the perfect choice for prototypes or small production runs. Your label or sign will be the same quality as a full production run allowing you to put forward a polished, finished product look, even at the earliest stages of development.


In addition, Metaline Graphics Ltd. also produces award and recognition plaques. Whether it's recognizing volunteer help or honouring the services of your outgoing executive, a Metalphoto plaque or desk accessory provides the perfect means for your expressions of appreciation. Logos, signatures and photographs can all be added.


Rounding off our product line is a variety of signage items such as wayfinding signs, banners, safety and plant signs.  If you don't see what you are looking for and aren't sure if your vision is possible contact us and we will try to make it a reality.  We produce quantities from 1 to 1000 and more.

The Benefits of Short Run, Quick Turn Around

You only order the quantity you need to satisfy your requirements.

Order Quantity

You won't have to discard costly inventory of old stock when changes need to be made to your label design or information.

Make quick and easy changes

Your labels won't lose their adhesive properties from being left too long on the shelf.

Adhesive will retain properties

You can get as many variations of your labels as you may need instead of settling on large quantities of one compromised style.

Order multiple variations

If you require labels in a variety of languages, you don't have to stock all of them—order only what you need when you need it.

Print in multiple languages

Your serial/model and other variable information can be printed on the labels for a totally finished professional look, and can save you the time and hassle of filling in the blanks later.

Barcoding and Serializing possibilities

​Custom contour-cut shapes in vinyl, polyester, polycarbonate or magnetic, are easily accommodated with no costly dyes to be made.

Customize shapes and materials

Get multi-coloured labels without costly setups.

Customizable colours

Your prototype label or sign will be the same quality as a full production run, allowing you to put forward a polished finished-product look even at the earliest stages of development.


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